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Friday December 15, 2017

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Service Package

Service Package $

Save money with our new "SERVICES PACKAGE"!!!

Request Accommodation Service

       plus Airport Pick up Service         

and receive Airport Drop off Service   


**Offer valid until 23 June 2011**

Trips and excursions

Visa issue

How to obtain a visa $

To obtain a Visa, please refer to the Egyptian Embassy in your country. If obtaining the Visa requires an official letter, Fajr Center can assist in the following ways:


Invitation Letter

Fajr Center can send a "Letter of Invitation" on your behalf to the Egyptian Embassy in your country. Full tuition for at least 6 months of study (4 levels) is required.
Upon issuance of the letter, fees become non-refundable, except in the case the Visa application was rejected, in which case the student will have to present to us an official letter from the embassy stating such.


Acceptance/Verification of Enrollment Letter

For students who don't need a Visa, but require proof of acceptance/enrollment, Fajr Center can issue a letter on your behalf indicating that you have registered and been accepted to study at Fajr Center. A deposit of $150 is required.


Visa Renewal

Fajr Center also helps registered students who are already in the possession of a tourist Visa to renew/extend their Visas when necessary.

Trips and excursions

Accommodation service 100$


Securing comfortable accommodation is perhaps the most important arrangement a traveler must make prior to traveling.  At Fajr Center we believe it’s most important for the traveler who will be staying abroad for an extended period of time, such as our students.  .

Although it may seem a simple task, the DHL has undergone many improvements and updates to perform this tedious task.

Accommodation Services are divided into four different services:

  • Apartment Search    


  • Roommate Search


  • Room Rentals in DHL apartment


  • Hotel Accommodation    



Airport Drop-Off Service 25$

Airport Drop-Off Service

Airport Drop Off

Airport pickup service 35$

This is one of the most important services that the DHL offers.  We realize the relief of a friendly face waiting to pick you up as you step off the plan in an unfamiliar country whose language, people and customs are foreign to you.  

Even if you have been here before, there is nothing like having someone waiting to pick you up after hours of travel.  At DHL, our aim is to make your stay in Egypt as comfortable as possible, from the start.   


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