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Friday December 15, 2017

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Students Services

How to obtain a visa

To obtain a Visa, please refer to the Egyptian Embassy in your country. If obtaining the Visa requires an official letter, Fajr Center can assist in the following ways:


Invitation Letter

Fajr Center can send a "Letter of Invitation" on your behalf to the Egyptian Embassy in your country. Full tuition for at least 6 months of study (4 levels) is required.
Upon issuance of the letter, fees become non-refundable, except in the case the Visa application was rejected, in which case the student will have to present to us an official letter from the embassy stating such.


Acceptance/Verification of Enrollment Letter

For students who don't need a Visa, but require proof of acceptance/enrollment, Fajr Center can issue a letter on your behalf indicating that you have registered and been accepted to study at Fajr Center. A deposit of $150 is required.


Visa Renewal

Fajr Center also helps registered students who are already in the possession of a tourist Visa to renew/extend their Visas when necessary.


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