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Friday December 15, 2017

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Students Services

Accommodation service

At Fajr Center, we understand it is important for you to be in a living situation that supports both your study priorities and lifestyle - finding the right accommodation is closely tied to your study success.

Securing comfortable, affordable accommodation, in a convenient location with the right people can take time, and the Fajr Center Accommodation Service recommends you begin your search well before your first day at the center.

How the service handled

  • The service is available 24 hours a day.
  • The student may request the service via internet, or in person at any of the branches.
  • The student must pay the services fees in full before rendering of the service ($100.00)
  • The service fees doesn't cover any part of the apartment monthly rent.
  • The $100 down payment goes towards course fees only, and does not count towards the lodging service fees; fees for the lodging service will be obtained from the student upon his arrival in Egypt.
  • Checks, credit cards and money orders are NOT accepted.
  • Upon the student's arrival, Fajr Center will show the student 2 or 3 apartments to choose one.
  • Showing the apartment to the student concludes the service offered by Fajr Center.
  • In case the student requests to view additional apartments other than the ones shown to him by Fajr Center, a payment of $10 is required per each apartment shown.
  • Upon selection of an apartment for living, a rental agreement will be drawn up between the student and the owner (or his representative), in the presence of a representative from Fajr Center.
  • The student will pay a security deposit (usually a month's rent), the purpose of which is to insure the upkeep of the owner's personal property within the apartment; the amount will be returned to the student at the end of the lease period.
  • Both the student and the owner must adhere to the written agreement.
  • At the end of the lease period, the student hands over the apartment to its owner (or his representative), in the presence of a representative of Fajr Center, and the security deposit is returned to the student after confirmation of the acceptable condition of both the apartment as well as the personal property within.
  • Students may hand over apartments from 10am to 8pm; students who have reserved departure service must hand over their apartments 4 hours prior to travel

N.B. Dear all our students, please don't forget to bring a cash money














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